Oiôba is a Porto (Portugal) based brand with lots of influence from the luso tropical world. The brand was dreamed of in the capital of good vibes,  Rio de Janeiro and since then we started to promote love and good energy through high quality and colourful swimwear and activewear. To share with more passion our vision we started to produce "Baile Maracujália" a completely diverse, multicultural and demorcratic event with the best global beats! Welcome to Oiôba planet!

We Believe that a positive mindset can change the world. The energy of pure happiness and bliss is valuable and unstoppable. Positivity is infinite, colourful, diverse and equal! Love always wins, good vibrations can last forever and tomorrow will always be better! Be thankful , be you and be the sun! 

Balance is always the answer! Nature is everything and humans are nature! Respect and attraction for everything that is pure and organic. Sunrises, sunsets, fruits, plants and animals shape our tropical world. We dream with  forests and jungles, infinite waves, beaches and with long backpack trips! From a giant mountain to the the most microscopic cell the miracle of life is our main inspiration. Let's get fresh, light and natural !

Urbanity is our reality. Everything happens with rhythm, intensity and randomness! Human creativity is to powerful, there are no borders for experimentation and innovation, we can create everything! Lights, movement, relationships and networks, music, art, design, architecture, … the city is vitality and envolves you in something bigger … the culture! 

Our swimwear collections are 100% produced with recycled materials. Fortunately we can find extremely hight quality fabrics and also sustainable. As always the remains of our production are reused for gift bags and scrunchies. Better And Better! Keep it Green!

We produce all of our pieces in a small (but big) studio in Porto, Portugal. The company has a long history in swimwear production and its runned by two strong women, Filomena and Carla Cristina. They have about 10 collaborators and the production is completely handmade and artesanal. We will start to produce smaller orders, quality over quantity. We think global but we act local! 

Supporting Oiôba is to support a wide network emerging and creative talents. From freelance artists to music producers we create together a free space for experimentation and expression of new and different visions. You can easily find a product or an event collaboration with some of the most dreamy and colourful minds in the world! Creation has no borders or limits!

Because sharing is caring we often create social campaigns with positive and transparent ONG. From free lessons to young kids, animal care, protection kits, … we give part of our profits for a better and equal world. A small gesture can change the world and this kind of projects inspire us to do more and better! 

Maracujália is a positive and diverse cultural movement. We believe people can connect through music and art to create a unifying world. Soulful feelings and the best global beats. We bring tropical energy and the power of diasporic sounds in a colorful and urban event - Baile Maracujália. Be you! Be the Sun!
Join our colourful word and expect nothing but good vibes! 
Be you and Be the Sun!