Oiôba is more than just a brand. A coming together of colour and positivity for the natural and peaceful soul. The soul that loves sunrises and sunsets, plants, fruits and animals, art, infinite waves, music, parties and, of course, the tropical way of life! Join us and spread the love!

We give a second life to waste, using green and sustainable yarns to generate less CO2 emissions.

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Lagom Bottom€22.80 EUR€38.00 EUR

A sense of moderation, of doing anything to just the right degree.

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

Lykke€42.00 EUR€70.00 EUR

The feeling of slight laziness, can’t be bothered by anything.


Amae Top€19.80 EUR€33.00 EUR

The urge to crumple into the arms of a loved one to be coddled and comforted.

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